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This unique program was developed by Marlin Swim Academy's founder to provide life-saving skills for infants under 2 years of age. Within three phases, our infants learn to deal with water management, float after an unexpected fall into water and, finally, get to safety.

Our mission is to keep our family, friends and neighbours safe around the water, starting as early as possible!


Phase One - Introduction (2 months - 6 months)

During this phase, infants are brought into the water to get used to the new feeling of buoyancy (assisted), figuring out how water works and exploring it with gentle guidance. Parents learn tips and tricks for a successful bath time routine!

Phase Two - Let's Float! (6 months - 12 months)

In this phase, infants are introduced to submersion and practice floating independently. Once they are confident floaters, they learn to submerge underwater and, with help from the instructor, find the top of the water again. Slow, gradual steps teach your child to turn from a face-down to a face-up position. Finally, your child will learn to find their float from a "fall" or a disorientation in the water.

Phase Three - Get to Safety! (12 months - 24 months)

Throughout the final phase of the infant survival program, our swimmers learn how to move throughout the water to get back to safety after a "fall". They learn breath control, how to propel themselves through the water and how to use their float to catch their breath.

We would love to start with infants/toddlers of any age between 2 months and 2 years. The phases are just a guideline for what you can expect from the beginning.

Let's Get Started!

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Infant survival is $180 for 9 classes.

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